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*Corporate Social Responsibility

Who we are

Terra Matters is the consulting firm that supports you in setting up your CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility means integrating the challenges of sustainable development into your strategy, your organization and your mode of operation. This is what we suggest to do together.

What drives us

Building a world that respects its environment and is socially equitable.

Every company can implement a committed, credible and impactful CSR. There is no standard answer to your specific challenges. Terra Matters is the ideal partner to build your tailor-made CSR, step by step and methodically.

Sophie Chambon creates Terra Matters to make CSR accessible to all companies.

She is a recognized player in Corporate Social Responsibility, an area in which she has brought her vision and expertise for 15 years.

A pioneer in her convictions, she knows how complex CSR can be and arouse legitimate concerns in the face of the changes it entails. She also knows how much she is a force for transformation and brings value.

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Terra Matters is a generalist CSR firm. We advise the general management and provide operational support to the teams.

Our areas of intervention : CSR diagnosis, CSR strategy, project management, CSR training and communication, stakeholder engagement, internal policies and processes, extra-financial performance, innovation and responsible offering, drafting of CSR reports.

We help you meet the major challenges of sustainable development : the protection and preservation of the environment, the development of local communities and territories, the performance and resilience of your activities, working relationships and conditions and responsible governance.

Our services

Find out how Terra Matters Consulting can make a difference

Our services cover strategic, technical, organizational and communication aspects. They combine critical analysis, informed recommendations and ongoing assistance.

Conduct your CSR diagnosis

State of play, assessment of your maturity, benchmark, determination of “quick wins”.
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Build your
CSR strategy

Design of a strategy integrating your challenges and those of your stakeholders.
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Structure your CSR program

Construction of a roadmap that engages you by targeting measurable and impactful results
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your CSR

Implementation of the action plan in your business, your offers, your governance and your communication.
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Our partners

Our network is made up of professionals with whom we collaborate to provide you with tailor-made skills.


What is CSR ? What benefits to expect ? How to do it ? So many questions that we can think about together.

CSR is a competitive advantage: it strengthens the performance and attractiveness of the company. Implementing a CSR approach allows you to :

  • Boost your company’s performance (CSR is connected to strategy, business and operations) and reduce costs (resource consumption, turnover, etc.);
  • Strengthen your reputation and give more visibility to your brand;
  • Stimulate the motivation, commitment and productivity of your employees ;
  • Distinguish yourself from other employers and attract talent;
  • Meet the expectations of your customers by offering products / services that allow them to act;
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors (innovation, call for tenders, access to new markets);
  • Develop relationships with your stakeholders and solidify your license to operate (guarantee the social acceptability of the activity).
  • Gain adaptability by integrating current and future challenges to place your company in a long-term dynamic;
  • Anticipate and reduce risks (climatic, social, reputational, regulatory, market, etc.) and seize opportunities;
  • Strengthen the financial profile of your company vis-à-vis rating agencies and investors, and allow access to the capital market;
  • Demonstrate the social utility of your company and reinforce its positive impact on society;
  • Comply with regulations (CSRD, SFDR, AGEC, duty of vigilance, Pacte law, BEGES, Taxonomy, etc.), integrate reference standards (SA8000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 26000 etc.), use labels (Bcorp, Ecocert, HQE, Global Compact, Diversity Charter, Ecovadis etc.) and adopting best practices (GRI, ODD, etc.);

Your company (or your organization) can decide to quickly or gradually embark on a CSR approach. However, if you want to operate responsibly, you should in any case consider 7 themes suggested by ISO 26000 (AFNOR), namely :

  1. The governance of the organization (management, reporting, transparency, shareholding etc.)
  2. Consideration of human rights (duty of care, discrimination, equity, etc.)
  3. Working relations and conditions (social dialogue, health and safety, etc.)
  4. The environment in the broad sense (climate, biodiversity, pollution, resources etc.)
  5. Ethics and fair practices (corruption, fair competition etc.)
  6. Business and customer issues (innovation, data protection, responsible consumption, consumer awareness etc.)
  7. Territories, communities and local development (involvement in development, wealth creation, investment in society, etc.)

A CSR is necessarily tailor-made and specific. It must fit with the characteristics of the company (its sector of activity, its size, its geographical location, its values, its history, etc.) and respond to its own challenges (its market, its strategy, its activities, constraints, strengths, resources, etc.). Then, CSR requires following a certain number of steps :

  • Conduct a maturity diagnosis to assess the state of the company in terms of CSR ;
  • Identify and dialogue with its stakeholders impacting the company’s activity and which may be impacted by it ;
  • Define the priority issues for the company’s activity and for its stakeholders ;
  • Develop a strategy, an engagement plan and objectives ;
  • Agree on the actions to be implemented and the resources to be mobilised ;
  • Choose the indicators to follow and establish a piloting cockpit ;
  • Set the company in motion by integrating CSR into the company ;
  • Inform internal and external stakeholders;

Finally, to be recognized, CSR must respect rules including, for example: consistency, transparency, continuity, etc.

For Terra Matters, CSR is a subject of transformation. It can be partial or total, light or deep, fast or long : you decide the rhythm and intensity. Any creation comes to shake up the established order : Terra Matters accompanies you so that the change gradually irrigates all the professions and that it translates into measurable benefits for everyone.

The implementation of a CSR arouses enthusiasm and concerns in the face of the changes it implies (changing the ways of thinking and acting) with a cost in time and resources (expertise, financing, organization) . But its return on investment is notable. Moreover, the risks incurred in “not doing” (reputational, regulatory, market, employee turnover, access to capital) are much higher than that of acting.

Finally, thanks to its initial CSR diagnosis, Terra Matters proposes to identify your “quick wins” to derive immediate benefits, positive witnesses of the contribution of CSR for your company.

You have 6 good reasons to choose Terra Matters consulting :

  1. You choose Terra Matters because this firm connects business and CSR: well articulated, they reinforce each other. With Terra Matters, CSR is at the service of the prosperity of your company while responding to the major challenges of sustainable development. Terra Matters makes CSR an ally to boost the performance, attractiveness and visibility of your business.
  2. You choose Terra Matters because this firm is headed by Sophie Chambon, former CSR and sustainable development director for large groups, having set up and experienced CSR “from the inside” for nearly 15 years. The firm benefits from its unique experience, the knowledge acquired and the network built up over the years.
  3. You choose Terra Matters for its tailor-made approach to CSR which is aimed at small and large companies. With Terra Matters, there is no packaged, ready-to-use solution. The firm advises you according to the specificities and ambition of the company, guiding you towards the best practices.
  4. You choose Terra Matters because each mission begins with a CSR maturity diagnosis which determines the nature of the support service. This is the starting point for positioning yourself in terms of CSR, highlighting your strengths and identifying your weaknesses, identifying the gap with best practices and deciding the path to follow.
  5. You choose Terra Matters because this firm offers services made up on demand: short or long-term support missions, strategic or thematic consultations, the facilitation of brainstorming sessions, the management of a project or even transition management, for example.
  6. You choose Terra Matters for its human, pragmatic and efficient dimension: because it favors proximity and dialogue, adaptability to your resources and your schedule, strategic vision and operational action.



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